2020 ACERE - Entrepreneurship Educator’s Forum

The Entrepreneurship Educator’s Forum is run in conjunction with the ACERE Conference.

Your registration to the Entrepreneurship Educators’ Forum (EEF) is for the one day event to be held at Flinders University.

Please visit the ACERE Conference for further details, including programs, to the 2020 Conference and information on
the Entrepreneurship Educators Forum.

ACERE Welcome Reception

For those only attending the Entrepreneurship Educators’s Forum your registration also includes complimentary attendance to the
ACERE Welcome Reception. You must confirm you attendance to the Welcome Reception during the registration process.

For those attending the 2020 ACERE Conference you are not required to reconfirm you attendance.

Graphics and Photography Release

You agree that QUT and/or any agency acting on QUT’s behalf, shall have the right to photograph you, (still or moving) and/or to record
your voice and/or performance by any present or future means. QUT shall own all results and proceeds of your services, including the
copyright in same and as such owner shall have the right to:include them in any advertising & publicity; reproduce them by any present
or future means, exhibit and perform them on radio and television and in, or by any other present or future media, for profit or otherwise,
and for commercial or non-commercial purposes. You agree to make no claims against QUT for any payment by way of a fee for
appearing in promotional material or advertisements.

NOTE: You will be provided the opportunity when making your payment to not providing consent for your image to be used.

Flinders University, 182 Victoria Square, Adelaide